Image: Untitled (Wreath), © Jack Henry, 2017. 

Image: Untitled (Wreath)© Jack Henry, 2017. 



Fellowships open to Artists & Writers

The June Brundage Cater Fellowship
One (1) four-week fellowship for an artist or writer with demonstrable need, offered in memory of sculptor June Brundage Cater.

ELIGIBILITY: To be considered for this award, please include financial documentation (a copy of the first page of your most recent income tax return, a recent W-2, a statement of need, etc.). 

The Swan Fellowship
One (1) fellowship for an interdisciplinary artist who paints and writes. 

ELIGIBILITY: This fellowship is open to interdisciplinary artists with proficiency in both painting and creative writing. To be considered for this award as a writing applicant, please attach a CV that reflects a history of painting exhibitions along with your creative writing work sample; for visual arts applicants, please attach a CV that demonstrates creative writing publications along with your slides/images.

VSC Creative Access Fellowships
One (1) fellowship for an artist or writer with a sensory disability
(such as blindness/low vision or deafness/hearing impairment).
This award is sponsored by the Two West Foundation.

ELIGIBILITY: To be considered for this award, please confirm
that you have a sensory disability.


VSC Fellowships
Twenty-five (25) VSC Fellowships open to ALL artists and writers living and working anywhere in the world. All applicants will be automatically considered for one of these twenty-five unrestricted awards. These fellowships are for residencies scheduled between May 2018 – December 2018.  

Every VSC residency opportunity includes private room, private
studio space, all meals, and full access to our schedule of evening

programs and events. 

Educational Foundation of America Creative Equity Fellowships
Four (4) fellowships for visual artists and writers with demonstrable need. Includes a $1,000 stipend.

ELIGIBILITY: To be considered for this award, please include financial documentation (a copy of the first page of your most recent income tax return, a recent W-2, a statement of need, etc.).

#GivingTuesday VSC Alumni Fellowship
Two (2) four-week and one (1) two-week fellowship for alums who have previously attended a VSC residency, funded through the generous support of our alumni and friends on #GivingTuesday 2017! This fellowship is for  a residency scheduled between May 2018 – December 2018.


Special fellowships for visual artists

Jon Imber Painting Fellowship
One (1) fellowship in honor of VSC friend and Visiting Artist Jon Imber, who lost his battle with ALS in April 2014. The fellowship will be awarded to a painter whose work embodies the spirit of Jon Imber.


Zeta Orionis Fellowship
One (1) fellowship for a woman 2D visual artist working in painting, who lives and works in the U.S. This award is based on merit.

Roger Smith Fellowship
One (1) Roger Smith Fellowship open to visual artists in the New York Metro area. This award includes a month-long residency at the Vermont Studio Center plus an exhibition in the Lobby at the Roger Smith Hotel in Fall 2018. 

ELIGIBILITY: This award is open only to first-time VSC residents, and project proposal must be 2D wall-based work such as painting, photography, printmaking, drawing, collage. Along with the regular application, applicants must attach a single PDF document containing: 1) a 200 word artist’s statement, 2) a project proposal describing their interest in the combination residency/exhibition fellowship opportunity and the exhibition project they wish to display at the Roger Smith Hotel (not to exceed 500 words), and 3) a project description explaining the project’s design with respect to the Lobby at the Roger Smith Hotel’s exhibition space/floor plan (no more than 300 words; applicants may embed images if useful). Please see the Roger Smith Hotel’s website for details.

The Hedda Sterne Artist Fellowship
One (1) Fellowship for a female visual artist working in painting, drawing, or collage. This award, sponsored by the Hedda Sterne Foundation, includes a $1,000 stipend.

ELIGIBILITY: This award is intended for female artists who work in a form or medium that Hedda Sterne worked in (painting, drawing, collage).

Boston University Fellowship  
One (1) two-week fellowship for a Boston University Fine Arts alumni, graduated within the last 10 years.







School Arts Fellowship
Four (4) eight-week fellowships for socially-engaged teaching artists for residencies. Each fellow will work with local K-6 students (approximately 10 hours/week) in coordination with VSC’s school arts program. Each fellowship includes a $1,000 stipend to assist with project planning and materials.

ELIGIBILITY: Applicants must include a brief (250 words or less) project plan/concept and demonstrate experience in community arts and/or arts education.

VSC/Windgate Artist Fellowship
Four (4) fellowships for visual artists working in traditional craft media (clay, fiber, glass, metal, wood). Each fellowship, sponsored by the Windgate Charitable Foundation, includes a $1,050 stipend.

Artist Opportunity Fund Fellowships
Three (3) four-week fellowships for visual artists with demonstrable financial need.

ELIGIBILITY: To be considered for this award, please include financial documentation (a copy of the first page of your most recent income tax return, a recent W-2, a statement of need, etc.). 

Harpo Foundation Fellowships for Native American Artists
Two (2) fellowships open to Native American visual artists living in the U.S., based on the strength and quality of their work. This award includes a $500 travel stipend.

ELIGIBILITY: These awards are for American Indian, Alaskan Native, and Native Hawaiian visual artists. Please identify your tribal affiliation and include a brief artist statement (300 words or less) about your work and your plans for a VSC residency.

VSC/ Helen Frankenthaler Fellowships
Two (2) awards for 2D visual artists working in painting, drawing, or printmaking: two (2) 4-week fellowships, each of which include a $425 stipend.

Civil Society Institute Fellowship
One (1) fellowship for a U.S. artist of color with demonstrable financial need. Award includes a $500 travel stipend. Application fee waived for applicants to this award.

ELIGIBILITY: To be considered for this award, please complete the cultural background portion of VSC’s application and include financial documentation (a copy of the first page of your most recent income tax return, a recent W-2, a statement of need, etc.). 



The Association of Literary Scholars, Critics, and Writers (ALSCW) Fellowship
One (1) fellowship for a writer who is a current member of ALSCW.

Grace Paley Fiction Fellowship
One (1) fellowship open to all fiction writers in honor of long-time VSC friend and visiting writer Grace Paley.

Voices Rising Fellowship
One (1) fellowship for a Black American woman fiction writer with demonstrable financial need. Given in honor of women writers of color such as Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison, and Zora Neale Hurston, whose voices have inspired so many, this award also comes with a $2,000 stipend to help offset costs associated with the residency, such as travel, childcare, lost wages, rent, etc. The $25 application fee is waived for eligible applicants.

ELIGIBILITY: To be considered for this award, please complete the cultural background portion of VSC’s application and include financial documentation (a copy of the first page of your most recent income tax return, a recent W-2, a statement of need, etc.).


VSC / Callaloo Writing Fellowship
One (1) month-long residency fellowship for a writer in the African Diaspora who is a Callaloo conference or creative writing workshop participant. This award includes a $1,000 stipend. The $25 application fee is waived for eligible applicants.

ELIGIBILITY:  Please indicate when you were a Callaloo conference or workshop participant.

Helen Zell Residency Fellowships
Two (2) fellowships for Helen Zell Writers’ Program candidates in poetry between their first and second year in the MFA program at the University of Michigan.



The Vermont Studio Center is proud to offer nearly $1.4 million annually in fellowships, grant assistance, and work-exchange to make residencies possible for approximately 700 artists and writers each year. In addition, there are other sources of support that are not available to VSC but to which you might apply to help fund your residency, such as your local and state arts councils, faculty enrichment grants for university employees, etc.

Here is a partial list of resources outside of the Studio Center’s fellowships, grants, and aid (in PDF format):

Funding Resources for Artists & Writers (download PDF)

Please let us know if you are aware of organizations or programs that support artists and writers. We would love to grow this list of opportunities and will update it annually.

If you're interested in making a contribution to support the artists and writers who come to VSC, please visit!

october 1st, 2017 VSC FELLOWS

Gabriel Houck, Fiction, NE
Genevieve Hudson, Nonfiction, Netherlands
Lori Kella, Photography, OH
Nicholas King, Painting, NH
Christopher Linforth, Fiction, OK
Nathan Margoni, Painting, MI
Patrick McCarthy, Playwright/Screenplay, NY
Lynne McDaniel, Painting, CA
Rangi McNeil, Poetry, NY
Sarah Minor, Nonfiction, IA
Jenny Molberg, Poetry, TX
Alina Perez, Painting, RI
Kat Ryals, Sculpture, NY
Roberto Santiago, Poetry, CA
Geraldine Schwindt, Printmaking, Argentina
Ravi Shankar, Nonfiction, CT
Alisa Sikelianos-Carter, Painting, NY
Avia Tadmor, Poetry, NY
Soonae Tark, Painting, NY
Maureen Traverse, Fiction, OH
Spencer Wise, Fiction, FL
Zhiyaun Yang, Photography, NY
Ashley Yang-Thompson, Painting, NY
Amia Yokoyama, Sculpture/Video, NY
Pam Zhang, Fiction, CA
Xiaoqing Zhu Video Art, IL
Rachel Zucker, Poetry, NY


Keegan Adams, Printmaking, OH
Jen Aitken, Sculpture, ON
Mike Alberti, Fiction, MN
Margery Amdur, Sculpture, PA
Mario Ariza , Poetry, NY    
Renz Baluyot, Painting, Philippines
Maria Alejandra Barrios, Fiction, Colombia
Cara Bayles, Fiction, CA
Katie Bethune-Leamen, Sculpture, ON, Canada
Leslie Blanco, Fiction, CA                 
Jamel Brinkley, Fiction, WI
Kevin Brisco, Painting, LA
Michael Cardinali, Photography, MA
Dennis Carroll, Printmaking, CT
Evin Collis, Painting, MB, Canada
Annson Conaway, Sculpture, PA
Shannon Cram, Nonfiction, WA
Chekwube Danladi, Poetry, IL
Anna Fine Foer, Collage, MD
Peter Flemming, Sculpture, PQ, Canada
April Freely, Poetry, OH
Karolina Gnatowski, Sculpture
Adrian Gouet, Painting, Chile
Todd Gronsdahl, Sculpture, SK, Canada
Lynda Harwood-Swenson, Printmaking, WA
Grace Haynes, Painting, CA
K.A. Hays, Poetry, PA



Support for our October 1st, 2017 fellows was generously provided by:

The Bread Loaf Writers’ Conferences; the Civil Society Institute; the Clowes Fund; the Educational Foundation of America; the Helen Frankenthaler Foundation; the Rona Jaffe Foundation; and the Ohio Arts Council; as well as numerous private individuals who provided support for the Jerry Shore Fellowship for Women Sculptors, the Susanna Colloredo Environmental Writing Fellowship, the James Carroll Fellowship, the Dohrn Zachai Fellowship, the Lukas Riveros Amani Fellowship, VSC Fellowships open to all, and the #GivingTuesday Alumni Fellowship.


Han Bo, Poetry, Shanghai, China   
Catherine Platt, Translation, NJ, US  

Yoyo Yu, Poetry, Chengdu, China  
Henry Zhang, Translator, Beijing, China 

Mary Bradley, Translation, Hong Kong     
Matthew Cheng, Poetry, Hong Kong     

Wang, Yin, Poetry, Shanghai, China     
Andrea Lingenfelter, Translation, CA

Qinyun Zhu, Poetry, Shanghai, China              
Stephen Nashef, Translation, Guangzhou, China

June 15th, 2017 VSC FELLOWS

Mary Magsamen, Photo/Sculpture/Installation, TX
Mary McMyne, Fiction, MI
Mark Mitchell, Sculpture/Performance/Video, WA
Yue Nakayama, Video, TX
Xin Ni, Video, Performance/Video, MD
Delaney Nolan, Fiction, NC
Wendy Oleson, Fiction, WA
Leah Osowski, Poetry, PA
Brenda Peynado, Fiction, OH
Fatima Policarpo, Nonfiction, CA
Jeremy Rourke, Video/Performance, CA
June Sanregret, Sculpture/Installation, NY
Lucas Schaefer, Fiction, TX
Juliet Shen, Painter, WA
Jessica Smith, Nonfiction, TX
Angela So, Fiction, TX
James Southard, Photography/Video, KY
Katherine Toukhy, Painting/Performance, NY
Lance Turner, Painting/Installation, TN
Lindsey Webb, Nonfiction, MA
Erin Woodbrey, Painting/Sculpture/Installation, MA
Jasmine Yeh, Video/Performance, NY
Hyojin Yoo, Sculpture/Video, F 32, NY
Bassem Yousri, Installation/Sculpture, Egypt


Gaspar Acebo, Sculpture/Installation, Argentina
Sobia Ahmad, Painting/Video, MD
Caylin Capra-Thomas, Poetry, FL
Laura Carlson, Sculpture/Installation, PA
Glynn Cartledge, Painting, NV
Cristobal Cea, Sculpture/Video, NY
Bonnie Chau, Fiction, NY
Cat Chiu Phillips, Sculpture, CA
Rafael Corzo, Sculpture, NY
Kimberly Elkins, Fiction, NY
Anita Enriquez, Sculpture/Performance, CA
Janet Goldner, Sculpture/Installation, NY
Donna Gordon, Fiction, MA
Alexander Hanson, Sculpture/Installation, AR
Jonathan Herrera, Printmaking/Installation, IL
Stephen Hillerbrand, Photo, Sculpture/Installation, TX
Andrew Hladky, Painting, PA
Brionne Janae, Poetry, MA
Andrew Johnson, Nonfiction, MO
Amal Khan, Sculpture/Performance, NY
Carlene Kucharczyk, Poetry, CT
Fei Li, Drawing/Installation NY
Lucy Lindsey, Video/Installation/Performance, CT



Support for our June 15th, 2017 fellows was generously provided by:

The David Bermant Foundation, the Civil Society Institute, the Marshal Frankel Foundation, the #GivingTuesday 2016 Alumni Fellowship Fund, friends of Jon Imber, the Institute for American Indian Arts (IAIA), the National Endowment for the Arts, the Pollock-Krasner Foundation, the Rachel Foundation, the Sustainable Arts Foundation, UMass Amherst, and numerous private individual supporters of the arts.

2017 VSC Creative Access FELLOWS

Catherine Peterson,  Sculpture, MI
Elizabeth A Sachs, Non-fiction, NY

 Mark  Braunstein, Fiction, CT
John Greiner, Painting, OH

The Creative Access Fellowship Program for artists & writers with spinal cord injury is offered in partnership with the Alliance of Artists Communities. In 2017, 12 Creative Access fellowships were awarded across the program's 4 consortium members (VSC, Playa, Ragdale, and SFAI).

February 15th, 2017 VSC FELLOWS

Elsie Kagan, Painting, NY
Megan Kalinowski, Painting, NY
Raghu Karnad, Fiction, India
Liu Shuwei, Photography and Video, China
Sonya Larson, Fiction, MA
Jeanne Lorenz, Painting and Installation, CA
Naima Lowe, Video, WA
Cole Lu, Sculpture, Video and Installation, MO
Tanea Lunsford, Fiction, CA  
Ezra Masch, Video, Performance and Installation, NY
Kristin Mills, Video, PA
Jonah Mixon-Webster, Poetry, IL
Marilyn Montufar, Photography, WA  
Susanna Morse, Painting and Drawing, CA
Matthias Neumann, Installation, NY
Soledad Pinto, Video, Audio and Installation , Chile
Cameron Quevedo, Video, TX
Lisa Rybovich Crallé, Sculpture, CA
Verity Sayles, Non-fiction, WA
Sok Song, Sculpture, NY
Kelly Sundberg, Non-fiction, OH
Vu Tran, Fiction, IL
Jeremy Underwood, Photography and Installation, MO
Ashley Williams, painting, CO
Ezra Wube, Painting, NY
Bohyun Yoon, Sculpture and Installation, NJ
Mario Alberto Zambrano, Non-fiction, TX
Andrew Zimmerman, Sculpture, NJ

Fatimah Asghar, Poetry, MI
Jasmine Bailey, Poetry, TX
Simone Bailey, Sculpture, NY
Steve Bellin-Oka, Poetry, NM
Franny Choi, Poetry, MI
Gerald Clarke, Sculpture, CA
Mia Corollo Cross, Painting, MA
Ora DeKornfeld, Video, NY
Camilo Diaz de Villalvilla, Sculpture and Drawing, Cuba
Randalf Dilla, Mixed Media, Philippines
John Estes, Fiction, OH
Lia Farnsworth, Video, UT
Anna Fine Foer, Painting, MD
Ryan Flores, Sculpture, CA
Leslie Fry, Sculpture, VT
Misty Gamble, Sculpture, CA
Katherine Gibbel, Poetry, IA
Chelsea Gilmore, Sculpture, CO
Sarah Green, Poetry, MN
Luca Grimaldi, Painting, Germany
Anne Guidry, Fiction, MN
Kate Hanson Foster, Poetry MA
Jack Henry, Sculpture, NY
Chaja Hertog, Photography and Video, Netherlands
Jonathan Holland, Poetry, MI
Ladee Hubbard, Fiction, LA
Christopher Paul Jordan, Sculpture, WA
Liz Johnson, Poetry, CA


Support for our February 15th, 2017 fellows was generously provided by:

The Association of Literary Scholars, Critics, and Writers (ALSCW); Boston University; Callaloo; the Civil Society Institute; the Forstmann Foundation; the #GivingTuesday 2016 Alumni Fellowship Fund; the Harpo Foundation; friends of Jon Imber; the Robert Lehman Foundation; the Marin Community Foundation; the National Endowment for the Arts; friends of Grace Paley; the Roger Smith Hotel; the University of Michigan Helen Zell Writers' Program; and numerous private individual supporters of the arts.

October 1st, 2016 VSC FELLOWS

Clowes Fund Fellowships

Bianca Giaever , Photography, WA  
Melanie Pennington, Sculpture, IN
Jessica Tam, Painting, MA         
Lauryn Welch, Painting, NH

Creative Access Fellowship

Kelin Loe, Poetry, MA

James Merrill Poetry Fellowships

Charity Coleman, Poetry, NY
Thomas Dooley, Poetry, NY
Keith Wilson, Poetry, IL

Lukas Riveros Amani Fellowship

Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhran, Poetry, MI

Marin Foundation Fellowships

Jamie Kinroy, Painting, United Kingdom,
Julie Lindell, Sculpture, NY

Mountain State Fellowship

Catherine Moore, Non-fiction, WV

Ohio Arts Council Fellowships

Elizabeth Emery, painting, OH

Jody Rambo, Poetry, OH

Rona Jaffe Foundation Fellowship

Mary Mann, Non-fiction, NY

Susanna Colloredo Environmental Writing Fellowship

William Powers, Non-fiction, Boliva

Vermont College of Fine Arts Fellowship

Lu Heintz, Sculpture, RI

Vermont Studio Center (VSC) Fellowships

Max Adrian, Painting, MO
Sarah Ahmad, Sculpture, TN
Hala Alyan, Poetry, NY
Amanda Anderson, Fiction, VT
Lesley Arimah, Fiction, MN
Natalie Baxter, Sculpture, NY
Alex Braden, Sculpture, DC
Pamela Daum, Fiction, OH
Liza Flum, Poetry, NY
Risa Hricovsky, Sculpture, IL
Kim Charles Kay, Installation, NY
Jesse Krimes, Painting, PA
Aida Lizalde-Rios, Sculpture, CA
Mei Wa Lo, Poetry, HI
Brett Lysene, Painting, ND
Noelle Mason, Sculpture, FL
Sophie Miles, Poetry, PA
Maria Molteni. Painting, MA
Tadeo Muleiro, Sculpture, Argentina
Zachary Orcutt, Sculpture, WV
Osel Jessica Plante, Poetry, FL
Paula Salas, Painting, Chile
Judy Shintani, Sculpture, CA
Celeste Wilson, Sculpture, NY

VSC / Wolf Kahn Fellowship

Cheyenne Julien, Painting, NY

VSC / Emily Mason Fellowship

Kira Buckel, Painting, NY

Artist’s Resource Trust Fellowships

Kelly Popoff, Painting, MA

Bloomsburg University Faculty Fellowship

Dave Kube, Photography, PA

Civil Society Institute Fellowship  

Cheryl R. Riley, Sculpture, N



Jon Imber Fellowship  

Scott Everingham, Painting, ON, Canada

VSC/Kundiman Fellowship  

Bushra Rahman, Fiction, NY

Marshall Frankel Fellowship for Chicago Artists and SAIC Alumni  

Samantha Hill, Photography and Installation, IL

Oregon Artists Fellowships

Damien Gilley, Painting, OR
Ralph Pugay, Painting, OR

Sustainable Arts Foundation Fellowships  

Donald Morgan, Sculpture, OR
Amy Parker, Fiction, IA

VSC/Cave Canem Fellowship  

Geffrey Davis, Poetry, AR

VSC/Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) Creative Writing Fellowship  

Terese Mailhot, Non-fiction, NM

Henry David Thoreau Fellowship

Kristin George Bagdanov, Poetry, CA

VSC/Pollock-Krasner Foundation Fellowships  

Antonius Bui, Printmaking, TX
Nina Elder, Painting and Drawing, NM
Sean Hurley, Printmaking, IN
Kathryn Lien, Sculpture and Installation, PA
Billy Sims, Sculpture and Video, IL 

Windgate Craft Artists Fellowships

Timothy Gonchoroff, Sculpture / Fiber, VA
Keren Lowell, Sculpture / Fiber, AK
Maria Fernanda Nunez, Sculpture / Metal, CA
Kimberly Winkle, Sculpture / Wood, TN 

Zeta Orionis Fellowship  

Marcelyn McNeil, Painting, TX  

Vermont Studio Center (VSC) Fellowships

Theresa Anderson, Sculpture, CO
Aideen Barry, Sculpture, Ireland
Kirstin Butler, Non-fiction, MA
Tanya Chaly, Painting, NY
Corey Conell, Painting, OH Lauren Fulton, Non-fiction, CO
Shamala Gallagher, Non-fiction, GA
Bernard Grant, Fiction, OH
Cynthia Gunadi, Fiction, MA
Stephen Hanley, Painting, CT
Madelyne Harmon, Painting, CT
Jesse Harrod, Painting / Fiber, PA
Marco Hernandez, Printmaking, KS
Soren Hope, Painting, NY
Allison Malinsky Vilalta, Painting, Spain
Lucas Martinez Graullera, Printmaking, Spain
Sarah McColl, Non-fiction, NY
Jon Mozes, Fiction, NC
Brittany Rudolf, Sculpture, IN
Brenda Peynado, Fiction, OH
Jennifer Perrine, Poetry, IA
Marcos Sanchez, Painting, Chile
Sadia Shepard, Fiction, NY
Sophia Starling, Printmaking, United Kingdom
Ashley Thompson, Painting, NY
Martha Whittington, Sculpture, GA

Civil Society Institute Fellowship  

Lachelle Workman, Photography and Installation, CT

Emerging Artists Fellowships supported by the National Endowment for the Arts

Mikko Harvey, Poetry, OH
Carl E. Hazlewood, Mixed Media, NY
Julia Kwon, Painting, MA
Nathaniel Schmookler, Fiction, VA

James Merrill Poetry Fellowships  

Leslieann Hobayan, Poetry, NJ
Hieu Minh Nguyen, Poetry, MN
Casey Patrick, Poetry, MN 

Grace Paley Fiction Fellowship  

Swati Khurana, Fiction, NY


Jiang Hao, Poetry, Haikou, China
Chenxin Jiang, Translation, Shanghai, China

Jiang Tao, Poetry, Beijing, China
Josh Stenberg, Translation, Vancouver, Canada

Sun Yi, Poetry, Poetry, New York, NY
Brian Holton, Translation, Roxburghshire, UK

Xiao Kaiyu, Poetry, Shanghai, China
Christopher Lupke, Translation, Pullman, WA

Amang Hung, Poetry, New Taipei City, Taiwan
Stephen Bradbury, Translation, Taipei, Taiwan


#GivingTuesday VSC Alumni Fellowships

Anke Becker, drawing, Germany
Kate Folk, fiction, CA

Harpo Foundation Native American Fellowships  

Tom GreyEyes, painting, CA
Jeremy Dennis, photography, PA

Jon Imber Painting Fellowship

Michael Lehman, painting, NY

James Merrill Poetry Fellowships

Nicole Balin,  poetry, IA  
Laura Maher, poetry, AZ  
Nora Hickey, poetry, NM

Oregon Artist Fellowships

Jess Perlitz, sculpture, OR
Rachel Harvey, painting, OR

Zeta Orionis Fellowship

Janice Caswell, painting, NY

Hedda Sterne Fellowship

Hannah Barnes, painting, IN

The Swan Fellowship

Jennilie Brewster, nonfiction, MD

UMass Amherst Alumni Fellowship in Poetry

Gale Thompson, poetry, SC

VSC / Callaloo Writing Fellowship

Taylor Johnson, poetry, MD

Voices Rising Fellowship

Nina Yeboah, fiction, IL

Windgate Craft Artists Fellowships

Zhang Xia, sculpture, MD
Jesse Ring, sculpture, KS
Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels, sculpture, NY
Tali Weinberg, fiber, CA

Helen Zell Residency Fellowships

Sierra Brown, poetry, MI
Marlin Jenkins, poetry, MI

Vermont Studio Center (VSC) Fellowships

Diksha Basu, fiction, DC
Amelia Brunskill, fiction, IL
Carrie Dickason, painting, installation, VT
Svea Ferguson, sculpture, Calgary
Leah Guadagnoli, painting, NY
Rochelle Hurt, poetry, OH
Galen Jackson, sculpture, CA
Leekyung Kang, printmaking, Korea
Kyungjin Kim, sculpture, IL
Mo Kong, sculpture, NY
Logan Lape, sculpture , NY
Beth Livermore, nonfiction, NJ
Maxim Loskutoff, fiction, MT
Gita Mammen, poetry, Australia
Caroline Mar, poetry, CA
Helina Metaferia, sculpture, performance, CA
Dorene O'Brien, fiction, MI
Martina Potratz, playwright, NY
Antonia Kuo Robins, photography, NY
Alexander Rosenberg, sculpture, PA
Hannah Rowan, painting, installation, United Kingdom
Michael Rocco Ruglio-Misurell, sculpture, Germany
Anna Ross, poetry, MA
Sophia Starling, sculpture, United Kingdom
Levester Williams, sculpture, VA
Thomas Wixo, painting, MN
Qian Zhao, photography, China

Artists Supporting Artists Fellowships

Mairikke Dau, painting, NY
Sasha Pierce, painting, Canada
David Williams, printmaking, NY

The Association of Literary Scholars,
Critics, and Writers (ALSCW) Fellowship

Katherine Lim, fiction, United Kingdom

Boston University Fellowship  

Jacqueline Feng, painting, CA

Civil Society Institute Fellowship

Jaz Graf, printmaking, installation, NJ

Concordia University Fellowships
Charles C. Gurd Artist Residency Awards for Concordia University

Eva Mayer, sculpture, Canada

Concordia University Fine Arts Residency Award  

Trevor Gould, sculpture, Canada


Civil Society Institute Fellow

Brian Gaither, painting, PA

Clowes Fund Fellows

Laura Chasman, painting, MA
Katherine Doyle, sculpture, NH
Judy Haberl,sculpture, installation, MA
Joe Rudko, mixed media, photography, WA
Carrie Mae Smith, painting, IN

Rona Jaffe Foundation Fellowship

April Freely, non-fiction, OH

Marin Foundation Fellows

Ryan Miller, photography, United Kingdom
Chris Zirbes, sculpture, AL

James Merrill Poetry Fellowships

Paul Asta, poetry, IL
William Brewer, poetry, WV
Shira Erlichman, poetry, NY

Ohio Arts Council Fellows

 Michael May, drawing, OH
Sarah Nordgren, poetry, OH

Vermont College of Fine Arts Fellow

Elizabeth Magee, painting, OR 

Windgate Craft Artists Fellows

 Rachel Duvall, fiber, CA
Sophie Glenn, metal, CA
Mary Grisey, fiber, IL
Anthony Sonnenberg, ceramic/installation, TX 

Vermont Studio Center (VSC) Fellowships
Wolf Kahn Fellowship
William Blake, painting, IL

Emily Mason Fellowship
Sarah Treharne, painting, NJ

Robert Aiosa, sculpture, FL  
Michelle Brittan, poetry, CA
Kevin Curry, sculpture, CO
Eva Davidova, video, performance, NY
Emily Geminder, fiction, NY
Christine Hennessy, fiction, NC   
Gabrielle Hovendon, fiction, GA  
Amy Jenkins, video, NH
Sarah Kabot, sculpture, OH
Kirsten Kaschock, poetry, PA  2
James Kienitz Wilkins, film, NY
Diego Lama, video, Peru
Ofra Lapid, photography, Israel
Frances Lee, painting, OH
Yuki Maruyama, sculpture, drawing, CA
Hannah Oberman-Breindel, poetry, MA
Wendy Oleson, fiction, WA
Courtney Puckett, sculpture, NY
Jenny Robinson, printmaking, CA  
Chet’la Sebree, poetry, PA
Johns Steck, Jr., photography, IL
Cedric Tai, sculpture, installation, MI
Anthony Tognazzini, fiction, NY  
Kara van de Graaf, poetry, WI
Amy Woolard, poetry, VA
Alex Yudzon, photography, NY

Artist’s Resource Trust Fellow

Andrea Sulzer, sculpture, ME


James Merrill Poetry Fellowships

Rebecca Dunham, poetry, WI
Heidi Reszies, poetry, VA
Lindsay Tigue, poetry, GA

Mountain State Fellowship

Eric Cipriani, fiction, WV

NEA Social Practice School Arts Residency Fellowships

Charlie Michaels, sculpture, MI            
Sok Song, sculpture, NY

Grace Paley Fiction Fellowship

Sonya Larson, fiction, MA

Pollock-Krasner Foundation Fellowships

Tom Chet Hausken, painting, WA
Danielle Mysliwiec, painting, MD
Allison Tierney, painting, SC
Nichole van Beek, painting, NY
William Vannerson, sculpture, MO

Sustainable Arts Foundation Fellowships

Christian Schmit, sculpture, KY
Jay Thompson, poetry, WA

Henry David Thoreau Fellowship

Brian Teare, poetry, PA

VSC/Cave Canem Fellowship

Christian Campbell, non-fiction, ON, Canada

VSC/Kundiman Fellowship

Meng Jin, fiction, NY

Windgate Craft Artists Fellowships

Dennis Ritter, sculpture (clay), NY
William Ransom, sculpture (wood), CA
Christine Mauersberger, sculpture (fiber), OH
Hilary Wang, sculpture (clay/glass), RI

Zeta Orionis Fellowship

Carolyn Case, painting, MD

Vermont Studio Center (VSC) Fellowships

Val Britton, painting/installation, CA,
Essie Chambers, fiction, NY
Henry Glavin, painting, CT
Kathie Halfin, sculpture, Gush Dan, Israel
Daniel Horowitz, painting, NY
Enkay Iguh, fiction, NY
Bahareh Karamifar, sculpture, FL
Hannah H. Kim, fiction, CA
Kendra Langford Shaw, fiction, MT
Céline Lastennet, sculpture, Saint-Pierre-Roche, France
Nicole Maloof, painting, NY
Sally Wen Mao, poetry, NY
Gabriel Pionkowski, painting, WI
Bryan Reedy, sculpture, NY
Eleanor Richards, sculpture, NC
Samnang Riebe, painting, MA
Mia Rosenthal, painting, PA
Robin Schaer, poetry, NY
Ben Schwab, painting, NY
Victoria Shaheen, sculpture, DC
Soo Shin, sculpture, IL
Julia Talcott, MP, MA
Emily Tuszynska, poetry, VA
Advait Ubhayakar, fiction, NJ
Kristine Uyeda, poetry, MI
Janet Werner, painting, QC, Canada
Jayoung Yoon, painting, NY

David Bermant Foundation Fellowship

Jeffrey Snyder, sculpture, NJ

Civil Society Institute Fellowship

Genesis Baez, painting, MA

Susanna Colloredo Environmental Writing Fellowship

Cedar Brant, poetry, MT

Creative Access Writing Fellowship            

Ruchika Tomar, fiction, NY
Harriotte Hurie, non-fiction, MA

Marshall Frankel Fellowship for Chicago Artists and SAIC Alumni

Alex Chitty, sculpture, IL


Song Lin, poetry, Dali, China
Yu-Han Chao, translation, Merced, CA  

Ji Mu Lang Ge, poetry, Chengdu, China
He Xiao Zhu, poetry, Chengdu, China
David Dayton, translation, Sacramento, CA

Cao Shuying, poetry, Hong Kong
Andrea Lingenfelter, translation, Kensington, CA 

Ye Mimi, poetry, Taipei, Taiwan
Steve Bradbury, translation, Ft. White, FL 

Yang Xiaobin, poetry, Taipei, Taiwan
Canaan Morse, translation, Beijing, China

Tang Siu Wa, poetry, Hong Kong
Jennifer Feeley, translation, South Lyon, MI 


#GivingTuesday Alumni Fellowship

Lania Knight, fiction, IL
Jessica Maffia, drawing, NY            

Harpo Foundation Native American Fellowships

Rachel Mulvihill, painting, AK
James Angello, sculpture, CA

Hemera Foundation Tending Space Fellowships

Jesse Bercowetz, sculpture, NY
Sebastian Collett, photography, NC
Jinzhe Cui, video/drawing, AB, Canada
Sherre deLys, sound art/installation,  Australia
Jonathan Harris, digital, NY
Noa Jones, fiction, NY
Nancy Kates, film, CA
Ha-Yang Kim, music composition, WA
Allison Svoboda, painting, IL
Itoro Udofia, writing, performance, CA 

James Merrill Poetry Fellowships

Adam Fell, poetry, WI
Russell Dillon, poetry, NY
Emily Vizzo, poetry, CA

The Swan Fellowship

Monica Raymond, poetry, MA

UMass Amherst Alumni Fellowship in Poetry

Leora Fridman, poetry, MA

Voices Rising Fellowship

Gwendolyn Mintz, fiction, NM

Helen Zell Residency Fellowships

Hannah Webster, poetry, MI
Warner Wood, poetry, MI

Zeta Orionis Fellowship

Laura Moriarty, painting, NY

Zoland Poetry Fellowships

Jennifer Murray, fiction, CT  
Tafisha Edwards, poetry, DC  
Nick Harp, poetry, MI

Vermont Studio Center (VSC) Fellowships

DeMisty Bellinger-Delfel, poetry, MA
Emilie Bernard, drawing, QC, Canada         
Allison Davis, poetry, CA
Francis Davis, fiction, MT, 
Douglas Degges, painting, IA
Nikita Deshpande, fiction, Mumbai, India
Don Edler, sculpture, CA
Aaron Francis, fiction, CA
Dan Gunn, sculpture, IL
Megan Harrison, painting, TX
Jenalee Harmon, sculpture, CA
Andrew Hladky, painting, London, Great Britain
Lillian Hoover, painting, MD
Julie Iromuanya, fiction, IL
Sara Jiminez, sculpture, NY
Lauren Kalman, sculpture, MI
Woomin Kim, sculpture, IL
Andrew Mister, drawing, mixed-media, NY
Melanie Pankau, painting, IL,
Brittany Powell, photography, CA    
Su Smallen, poetry, MN  
Anna Vodicka, non-fiction, WA
Thomas Wharton, painting, GA
Cosmo Whyte, drawing, mixed-media, MI
Tyler Wilkinson, painting, IN

The Association of Literary Scholars, Critics, and Writers (ALSCW) Fellowship

Clare Wu, fiction, MD

Artists Supporting Artists

Reiko Hamano, sculpture, NY  
Michael Koliner, sculpture, PA

Boston University Fellowship

Roeya Amigh, mixed-media, NY

Civil Society Institute Fellowship

Mindy Magyar, sculpture, DC

Concordia University Fellowships
Charles C. Gurd Artist Residency Awards for Concordia University
Jeanette Johns, printmaking, QC, Canada  

Concordia University Fine Arts Residency Award 
Adrian Norvid, painting, QC, Canada